Is the caller 949-668-0070 a scam or legit?

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Robo call scammers may pretend to be Social Security representatives, wage garnishment companies, or bill collection agencies.

Scammer impersonating an unknown company claims you have been retained to file legal papers in your name and Social Security number in connection with a severe legal problem. The number 949-668-0070 has been reported as a scam. As a result, do not become the next victim by calling the phone number.

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  1. 949-668-0070 is a scammer, and I have 32 missed calls from this number that I do not want to pick up, but I am prepared to inform him it is not acceptable to call in this manner.

  2. This is a legal threat scam, and the scammers are calling from a VOIP caller id of +1 949-668-0070, which we cannot track, but the government should be aware of it.

  3. The phone number 9496680070 is a hoax, and my scam filter has already banned it. It is now time to assist folks detect scams and not answer these scam calls. It’s a good idea to keep a call filter app on your phone, and thanks to Apple, I already have a robo call app loaded.

  4. I received a robo call from the Social Security Administration today, informing me that they were in the process of garnishing my pay due to a judgement against me and instructing me to call this number 94966800704.

    When I dialed the number, the man told me that they had my social security number and checked to see whether I had an outstanding charge, and then I hung up, indicating that it was a fraud.

  5. I, too, received a call from this number and would want to share my story as a victim of this scam.

    I received a call from 949-668-0070 and answered it. It was a robo call that stated there was a complaint about my overdue account and they are the bill collection department and they need to collect my hospital’s overdue bill.

    I do not have an outstanding balance with any hospital, but I was willing to comply whether it was accurate. I dialed the phone number that was in the audio message, and the person responded by asking for my social security information, which I provided him, and he urged me to pay the overdue balance over the phone in order to avoid being trapped in court penalties. I suspected it was a fraud and hung off the phone, but he continues to contact me.

    I informed my brother about it, and he said it was a scam, but the good news is that I did not give him my credit card information.

    So, guys, don’t get caught and don’t give out any personal information.

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