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Who is 07868802242 – Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis: The phone number 07868802242 is safe, and if you have an order with Amazon, you will receive a call from the delivery boy. Actually, this phone number is the connection that links customers and delivery boys; neither customer nor delivery boy can see each other’s personal phone numbers, and it aids in data breach prevention. It also assists delivery boys in locating and delivering packages in real-time.

Call from 07868802242 beware of spoof calls.

If you receive a call from 07868802242 and a person poses as an Amazon delivery boy and requests the delivery of a gift product while asking for personal information, this is a scam. Amazon never calls customers or requests personal information.

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  1. Jacke Wild

    This is an Amazon driver’s call for a poorly planned delivery.

  2. It’s an Amazon driver calling because I wasn’t at home.

  3. This call is about my parcel, which I did not receive yesterday and has been rescheduled, so they want to know if I am available. My caller app flagged it as spam, so I considered not answering, but they kept calling, so I decided to express my rage, but they simply calmed me down..

  4. In my case, it was a spoof call requesting a delivery fee before shipping the package; I called Amazon, and they indicated the parcel was on its way and no fees were required.

  5. I can see that this phone number (07868802242) belongs to the United Kingdom, but I am receiving calls from this number in the United States, so I think it is a VoIP spoof call which targets Amazon customers worldwide. I was told that some unknown company had sent a water purifier as a gift from Amazon. They told me that this company wanted to send free gifts so that you could leave a review on Amazon and provide 5 stars. I told him to deliver it but I was not going to pay a penny. He replied and asked for my address, name, street, city, etc. I refused and told him to keep this purifier and hang up.

  6. I also received a call from 07868802242, which was a robo call from Amazon regarding my product delivery reminder. After that, I received a call from an Amazon delivery person who told me where to deliver the item and requested him to return it because I was not at home, so he returned my package.

    So this phone number is safe, and if you suspect it is a scam, do not pick up the phone and your item will be returned.

  7. I received a call from this number, and the man on the other end informed me to be ready to pick up the order. When I called back, the phone was busy, and I waited for hours with no one present to deliver. The next day, a delivery person called to inform me that my item had been returned due to being out of delivery area.

  8. I’m confused since some users claim it’s a fraud, but others claim it’s the personal number of an Amazon delivery dude.

    I have had five missed calls from this number, and my caller id app indicates it is a spam call from an Amazon delivery boy, but when I phoned back, the guy instructed me to give my address where the product is to be delivered, but I hung up and searched the number, so I decided to ignore the call.

  9. 07868802242 phone number is safe and delivery boy contacted me for best time to reach me and if i was not at home i tells him to deliver it to my neighbor and i will pick it up there. There are lot of scam reports about this but they are base less.

  10. What is this number 07868802242?

    07868802242 phone number is Amazon delivery boy’s personal phone number, and he may contact you for parcel delivery. If you purchase something from Amazon, you may be contacted by a delivery guy who will ask for the ideal time to arrive at your destination for delivery.

    Is phone number 07868802242 safe to answer?

    Yes, it is safe to take the call, and if you have bought something from the Amazon site, you can receive a call from the delivery guy, but if you have not ordered anything from Amazon, you should not provide any personal information.

    How to identify spoofed call from 07868802242?

    There is no way to identify fake calls, but there are several techniques to recognize scam calls.

    If a caller poses as an Amazon delivery boy and requests personal information, it is a fraud.

    If the caller requests a promotional offer or requests that any account-related concerns be resolved, it is a fraud.

    There are alternative options, so if a caller requests personal and financial information, it is a suspicious call from a scammer looking to steal your personal information and money.

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