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855 is a toll-free phone number prefix that telecom companies supply to businesses in the United States and Canada. The 855 prefix is equivalent to the 800 tool-free prefixes. Most scammers use phone numbers that begin with these tool-free prefixes, such as 800, 855, and 877, to appear legitimate. If you have got a call from someone with an 855 area code and feel it may be a scam, please share your opinions by submitting your report.

Where is area code 855

Area code 855 is not associated with any location, country, or state; it is a tool-free number prefix, similar to 800. While 800 tool free numbers remain a popular prefix for most companies, the number 855 has also been assigned along with 888, 877, 866, and 844.

Is 855 a legitimate area code?

The 855 area code is frequently related with fraud complaints. Because VoIP providers may provide anyone, anywhere with an 855 prefix toll free number, anyone may call you from an 855 prefixed phone number. It could be a legitimate business or a scammer. Scammers also use spoofing to mask their true phone number and call you with a phone number that appears legitimate.

Should I answer a call with the 855 area code?

Yes, it is safe to answer a call with an 855 tool-free prefixed number because it could be a legal company providing you with information about your issue. Please keep in mind that legitimate companies do not make unsolicited calls and do not request personal information or financial information such as your credit card number. If you received a call from any phone number asking for personal information, it is a scam designed to steal your personal information and money.
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  1. 855 is toll free prefix but used by scammers and i can get a toll free number online for a $5 with a VoIP provide.

  2. Many large companies, including Google, Amazon, eBay, and others, use area code 855 as a toll-free number, making it a legitimate phone number prefix. However, it is not difficult for scammers to use VoIP calls to obtain a random 855 prefix number and use spoof to contact you.

  3. The 855 area code is a prefix for a tool free number, therefore I have one for my little business, however these tool-free numbers are incredibly easy to fake.

    My clients have reported spam calls and scammers trying to commit fraud using our caller id. Scammers favor tool-free phone numbers because they appear legitimate to the victim.

  4. Receiving unwanted text messages from 855 area code

    I’ve been getting texts from a phone number that starts with 855 that claims to be from Cox Communications and asking me to contact a phone number that starts with 844.

  5. Area code 855 location in usa
    The area code 855 is a toll-free number that operates in the United States and Canada but has no designated location. Companies utilize toll-free numbers to offer clients convenient customer service by letting them call without incurring any call costs.

  6. Janver Jons

    It is true that scammers have called customers using the 855 prefix and committed fraud while appearing legitimate.

    I received a fraud call from Verizon Fios.
    Although I can’t recall the phone number, I do remember that it began with 855, and that when I answered, a man in a hurry told me to pay the bill as quickly as possible.

    At the time, my bill was over late, so I assumed it might be from the Verizon bill department. I gave him all the information because I was unaware of these scams at the time. I gave him my social security number and login information.

    I fell victim to a scam, but one thing that drove me insane was how scammer could immediately say that I owe a debt.

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    Scammers have targeted consumers in 2022 by using the prefix 855.
    Since there is no area code for 855 in any city or state, it is a prefix for toll-free numbers in the United States and Canada.
    The majority of fraud reports in 2022 are connected to 855 toll-free numbers. When scammers utilize the 800 or 855 prefix, it is simple for them to pose as legitimate.
    The majority of businesses use these toll-free numbers to send clients urgent notifications via SMS and robocall. Scammers are taking advantage of this and using caller id spoofing to send unwanted calls and messages.

  8. Thank you for sharing this useful information. I recently received a call from a fraudster posing as a Fexed delivery man, asking for the delivery address.

    Every purchase I placed this month was safely delivered, thus this order was not made by me. Instead, a fraudster was requesting my address in an effort to dupe me into accepting an unknown order and stealing money from a fake order.

    You should be cautious when accepting calls from these numbers because the majority of spam calls have the 855 prefixes.

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