Hardik Sobar

Call 877-635-8703 Now- Visa-Card-temporarily-locked | Warning Scam Text

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I recently received a scam text from the number +1 877-635-8703 telling me that my visa was locked and that I needed to call (8776358703) number to unlock it. This is a brand-new scam for 2022, so please use caution.

The hack in this case is that con artists need the details of your Visa credit card. If you call the number, they will ask you to verify the card number before asking for the CVV. It will only take a few seconds for them to deduct the entire amount from your account. Please be aware that banks never request a callback number or send SMS messages to recharge locked credit cards.

(Call 8776358703 Now-518#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:uGvetMuLEM

Guys, we need to warn everyone about these scams because, believe it or not, thousands of people fall prey to them every day. Tell others how many people have received this text message by submitting your report.

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  1. Gallagher

    Same here, i used my phone number in app and they got my number

  2. When I tried to call this number, it was out of service, but after a few hours, I received a call from another number and a guy with poor English told me that “if you need to unblock the visa card, you must first verify details and your privacy will be respected.” I gave him incorrect card information, making him a fool, and I repeatedly gave him incorrect information, and he became enraged and hung up the phone.

  3. I recently received a message from this scammer but that was slightly different, reading, “Your Visa credit-card has been exposed to scammers do not worry it is locked but to unlock it Call 8776358703 immediately.” I believe they changed the tune and want to try something new.

  4. They have sent me five texts, and they want me to call this number, 8776358703, in order to trick me.
    (Call 8776358703 Now – 819#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:ZBue8hN

  5. Carl A. Smith

    FROM: Bank-Mobile-alert

    (Call 8776358703 Now – 819#) VISA-Card-temporarily-locked-ID:ZBue8hN

    This is excessive; I just Googled the number and discovered numerous complaints about it, all of which state that they received the same message. And yes, you are correct; I am aware that thousands of people succumb to this every day. These con artists bombard thousands of recipients with these unsolicited messages in the hopes of receiving a callback, but I find it hard to believe that victims are still falling victim to them today.

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