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State Farm uses robocalls to remind customers about insurance claims. Although we can’t be sure if the robocall is coming from State Farm, the company never requests a callback or personal information.

There have also been complaints of spoof calls from scammers claiming to be from State Farm, requesting personal information, so be cautious while answering the phone call.

Received a call from 855-341-8184, share your experiences with the community.

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  1. Anonymous

    I received a call from 855-341-8184, and it was a voice recording about an insurance claim I had submitted a month before, and when I phoned back, a person asked me to verify my personal information so that they could verify my insurance claim, and I hung up.

  2. I called the State Farm customer service number, 800-782-8332, and told them about the voice message from 855-341-8184, but they denied that state Farm never asking for personal information or needing to verify details over the phone.

  3. I’m unsure whether this phone number is legitimate or a fraud, so that other people can be wary of scammers.

  4. State farm calls for insurance renewal, but I don’t want to review it and let it lapse, but they call every day and make my office life a living hell.

  5. It is a legitimate State Farm phone number, and they called me about an insurance claim, and they said they were going to inspect me.

  6. It is an insurance scam in which they offer large discounts on insurance and send link via text while pretending to be from an insurance firm.

  7. Steve Payne

    I received a call asking for the renewal of my auto insurance, and when I told him I had recently renewed it, he said they could check to see if I had not renewed it and offered a 30% discount if I could renew it using the caller’s promotional line, which he was going to provide by email. I gave the fraudster the erroneous email address and played with him, telling him that the email had not arrived in my inbox, and I laughed when he said he tried 53 times to send the message and finally instructed me to check the spam folder.

  8. Scam Call pretends to be from State Farm and asks you to press 1 to speak with a representative and 2 to stop receiving calls. I pressed 2 and it said to wait while we connect you with our representative, which indicates that the scammer wants to con me.

  9. Spoofed call from state farm, using a local area code, which was blocked by scam shield premium. They called 5 times.

  10. This is a legitimate call from State Farm Insurance, and I have already claimed insurance, but they need to verify some details. If you do not have an insurance claim, it is a scam, or State Farm may have dialed the wrong phone number.

  11. Do not call back as this is a scam robocall from a scammer.
    “It is state farm important information regarding your account, so please press 1 if you want to discuss this issue with our team, and 2 if you do not want to receive this call again.”
    I suspect it was a scam because when I pressed 2, it connected me with a guy and there was a lot of noise around.

  12. Who called me from 8553418184

    State Farm Inc is an insurance firm that offers life and auto insurance. If you have filed an insurance claim with State Farm, you may receive notifications about the claim’s status.

    The phone number 8553418184 may be used by State Farm to send these claim reminders.

    Please keep in mind that scammers may use spoofing to pose as a State Farm representative.

    They may ask for personal information, so hang up and report the phone number to State Farm Inc.

    How to identify insurance fraud?

    State Farm has reported a fraud in which scammers act as State Farm representatives and seek for bank account numbers in order to transfer insurance money.

    If you have received any email, phone call, or SMS regarding an insurance claim and the source is unknown, you should contact State Farm by dialing 800-782-8332.

    State farm has already warned clients about this scam and notified customers that they do not call and ask for any verification or personal information.

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