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Atlanta, GA, United States

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Who is Calling From 844-472-8791? – Expert Analysis

Cox Communications owns the phone number 844-472-8791. Calls from this number are from Cox Communications regarding bill reminders, and Cox calls you about subscription-related promotions and notifications.

Spoof calls from Scammers

Scammers are using spoof calls, pretending to be from Cox Cable and requesting personal information, so be cautious and report any suspicious calls.

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  1. received call from this number and this was robocall from some insurance company, i do not remember what company they where talking about and they are requesting to press 1 to talk with the real human for more details. This is cheap way to promote insurance so they are wasting out time. I have blocked 32 numbers this month and i am unhappy and willing to change my phone number.

  2. Paul N. Mann

    Cox sends me a bill reminder, but this time a scammer requests a call back to clear an outstanding balance. I contacted Cox, but they were unable to assist me.

  3. James Hill

    The caller claims to be from Cox Cable and claims an overdue bill and suspension of my account, then requests a call back at a scam phone number.

  4. scam caller who demands my personal information to improve the services and claims to be from Cox

  5. 844-472-8791 It’s not Cox; it’s a scam call from a non-native English speaker. I swear it’s an Indian caller using the internet because the connection appears to be very poor; I can’t even list the full world.

  6. This is a scam, a recorded voice message claiming to be from Cox and stating that there is a problem with the account that will be blocked if not resolved. They have not stated what type of issue it is, and they are telling me to press 1 to speak with a representative. When I pressed 1, there was immediately a guy who told me to provide account id to confirm the details and told me to hold while they gathered the information.

    After that, he informed me that there is a security issue with my account and that someone may have logged in to it, so I must change my password to a secure one in order to secure it.

    They immediately told me that they would send a link to my email and that I should click on it to confirm the password change. When I checked the email, I discovered that the confirmation email was in the spam folder, so I became suspicious and hung up the phone.

  7. Richard Warren

    Beware of a spoof call from 844-472-8791 that requests personal information.

  8. It is a scam call from an Indian scammer requesting payment on Cox’s behalf. My cousin was scammed by the same type of call from an Indian scammer who asked for an account variation over the phone, after which he lost all of his money.

  9. Alexander

    Scam call from +1 (844) 472-8791

  10. This is an old type of scam, but I do not want to receive calls from this number anymore.

  11. Cox has been hacked multiple times, and there have been reports of data breaches, so Cox customers are a prime target for scammers. Cox customers are also targeted by email scams, but thanks to Gmail, which detects these scams in real time and protects users from them. Other email providers are unconcerned about these scams and deliver every email, legitimate or not.

  12. Yes, I received a spoof call from 844-472-8791 phone number. I have a spam detector app on my phone, and it reported it as a safe phone number, but when I told this caller to conform to my last name if you are truly from Cox, he hung up.

  13. It is not COX communication but a scammer who is calling from 844472879 as spoof call. When I have a problem with Cox, I dial 844-472-8791 and they help in real time. My friend has already told me about the COX scam, and COX has already informed customers to use a spoof calling application.

  14. Cena Part

    Recently, Cox Communications attempted to restrict spam calls, but how can we blame others when a firm conducts spam calls on its own?

    I’m getting a lot of calls from( +1 (844) 472-8791 )when I only have three days left on my plan and they send me reminders five times a day.

    Cox Communications, a reputable firm, should put a stop to this.

  15. Who called me from 844 472 8791?

    You might get calls from COX Communications at (844) 472 8791. Cox calls you about promotions and alerts related to your subscription. Although the majority of people claim it is Cox, others have also reported receiving robocalls from other companies using this number.

  16. Cox is a poor company, and while they have capabilities to block spam calls, they make it challenging to do so.

    Recently, I went to the Cox website to see if phone number 8444728791 was listed there. I saw several departments, but none of them had this number.

    I believe the call is a scam and is intended to defraud Cox subscribers. Cox should investigate this situation as I can see that many people are receiving these unwanted calls and messages from this phone number.

  17. Although being a pretty good company, Cox is not the only one fighting spam. If they are spamming their clients, their business is at least somewhat profitable.

    Google, a major player on the internet, has created many tools to combat spam, but these aren’t doing much good because fresh spammers are coming up with new ways to spread their messages. 

    I recently heard about phishing scam emails, and I also received one from an unknown email address. Before we can tackle spammers, a number of things need to be fixed.

  18. I love Cox, and 8444728791 is safe.
    I enjoy Cox, and they are my cable provider. The only thing about them that has ever annoyed me is the spam calls they make from this phone number.

    Every day, I receive spam calls that contain no unique offers that I have requested.

    I only listed one thing: “Press 1 to stop receiving calls from this number.” I repeatedly pressed 1 yet I was still receiving these messages.

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