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Received text message from 8334172274 with the subject “Down hill sent you $25 to withdraw this cash. Please click the link “.

Be careful, guys. This is a complete hoax. Avoid clicking the link since hackers can steal your money. Additionally, your account may move money without your knowledge.

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  1. 833-417-2274 With name Gail Legans sent money to my account! I have no idea who this is and why! CashApp support worthless in helping too!

  2. Carl Smith

    It amazese these f*idiots will send unsolicited texts asking for personal info. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. It just never ends. I hope there is a special place in hell for these people where they can scam each other for eternity

  3. This phone number send me 32 text messages (833-417-2274) and it is scam who requests money and i am not a cash app account holder.

  4. Sent me a link to a similarly designed website, so you must be cautious and double-check the validity of every link they send you.

  5. Snootiergrub33

    I’ve actually been a text from this number when people are sending money to me but I never clicked the link so I just use the app

  6. Since I don’t use Cash App and the link took me to the login page, I deemed it suspicious and blocked this phone number from texting me again.

    When I looked up this (833-417-2274) phone number, I discovered that many individuals had been duped and had had money taken from their accounts. Because clicking on links in unsolicited communications might result in phishing assaults, we should be cautious about them.

  7. It is a fraud, and the phone number 833-417-2274 sends unsolicited texts including links to that, when clicked, deliver money to the scammer rather than receiving payment from them. This fraud is also the fault of because they ought to have reported it.

  8. Yes, I’ve received a text message from this number (833-417-2274) saying that “Hill sent you dollars; click the website below to take this money.” is a money transfer app that I use to send and receive cash so anybody may use it to request money.

    In reality, scammers are asking me for money through, and when I click the link, will open in a new tab or window.

    If i click the Accept button, I’ll pay out money, but I won’t receive it, so it’s a fairly simple hoax that con artists use to defraud people.

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