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Comcast never call customer and ask for personal information, have you received a phone call from an unknown number purporting to be from Comcast? We’ve received reports of scams, so use caution.

Received a call from 888-934-6489, Share your experiences with the community.

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  1. James D. Kay

    Scam caller claims to be from Comcast and requests that I resolve a security issue with my account, therefore do not press any buttons since doing so may expose your phone number and make you a potential victim.

  2. Yes, it’s a scam; don’t pick it up, and never give out your personal information. If you’ve received a call from this number, scammers already have your information, possibly as a result of a web data breach. As a result, you should always exercise caution when giving out personal information online because everyone needs customers, just as scammers do.

  3. I have received voice messages from caller alleging to be from Comcast Xfinity telling me I am eligible for 50 percent off my bill. Today I received similar voice message from 385-284-9402 telling me I can get my same cable/internet package for only 79.95 a month. That’s less than half my monthly charges. Said to call 855-771-0268.

  4. Louis Arnold

    This is a scam, and the con artist is impersonating Comcast. They lure victims by claiming that an account is having problems.

    “press 1 to talk with our representative or press 2 if we have reached the wrong number”

  5. A scam call from this number impersonates Comcast.

  6. I am from Germany but i am receiving calls from +1 888-934-6489 with united states iso code, what makes it strange is when i pickup the call it gets disconnected.

  7. So report it guys it is scam, 32 calls in a day from 8889346489 it is not comcast and i have blocked it

  8. A lot of users have reported it as Xfinity, but when i dial 8889346489 it connects with a automatic with a computerized voice, and it is not a Comcast phone number.

  9. It is a scam, and never share any personal information with the guy who claims that my account has been compromised and must be recovered by providing my Comcast account password. What the hell happened?

  10. Yes, some users are deceiving this discussion, but we should work together as a community to help others. Do you know how many people are duped by these scammers every day? If you have a problem with Comcast, contact them directly.

  11. I got a call from (+18889346489) asking about my Comcast bill, but I don’t have one. Warned me that if I don’t pay my account right away, my connection will be disconnected and I won’t be able to access Comcast services.
    I hung up and looked up the Comcast customer service phone number, which is (800) 934-6489, and they told me that they do not call when a bill is past due and that if a bill is past due, they only send reminder voice messages and SMS alerts.
    Therefore, the only difference between the real and fake Comcast numbers is the (800) prefix, and it is very easy to be scammed because the phone number seems legitimate.

  12. Yes, it is a scam, and I received a phone call from this person claiming to be from Comcast Services and giving me a coupon code for a free month of service. He told me to redeem it by clicking the URL he supplied me over Whatsapp.

    I was completely aware of the phishing scheme, and if I had followed the link, my phone may have been compromised. The URL contains malware that is automatically installed on the phone. So be cautious and avoid answering these calls.

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    How do I talk to a real person on Comcast?
    The Comcast customer service phone number is (800) 934-6489. You can speak with a live person and request any assistance you require. By calling this number, you can also use Comcast’s automated phone system to pay your bills.
    Who called from 8889346489?
    Many Comcast customers have noticed unwanted calls coming from the 8889346489 phone number, but 90% of them have also complained about scams because it doesn’t seem to be a legitimate Comcast phone number.

    Some users claimed that scammers requested password changes and attempted to obtain personal information.

    Comcast has previously cautioned users not to answer calls from 8889346489 or provide personal information over the phone.

    If you have received a call from 8889346489, it may be a scammer posing as a Comcast official. However, you should exercise caution as your personal information and Comcast account could be compromised.

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