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What’s This Charge on My Credit Card? – Expert Analysis

If you noticed a charge from Doordash on your credit card, it means that you or someone else used your credit to make a purchase from the Doordash portal. Your credit card statement will show the transaction as (DD DOORDASH DES 8559731040 /CA US CARD PURCHASE). If you believe your credit card has been fraudulently used, report it to the credit card company and ask them to block future transactions. You must immediately report the fraudulent charge to the credit card company, and they will investigate the reported charges. Additionally, you should contact Doordash customer service (855-431-0459) and inquire about the charge. They will assist you in gathering more information that could speed up the investigation of the issue by your credit card company.
Doordash Data Breach: Hackers stole the names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, partial bank and credit card numbers, and other personal data from about 4.9 million Doordash customers, restaurants, and delivery personnel in 2019.
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  1. Emey Tylor

    Yes it is legit charges from Doordash and they will charge your card if you have ordered something to eat

  2. Someone has ordered food using my credit card, and since this is the actual phone number for Doordash, 8559731040, it has been reported to them. However, I have not received a response. I got in touch with my bank and blocked the card from further use. Since my card has two-step authentication, I always get an OTP whenever a transaction occurs, but I never got one for this transaction. Since there is no security implementation on their services, I have instructed my card issuer to pay me the penalty.

  3. Lance Porter

    i have never ordered food, as evidenced by the charge on my card and the transaction showing DOORDASH 8559731040 / CA. When I contacted my card company, they requested that I first file a complaint with Dordash.

  4. Santos Che

    I was defrauded. I recently filed a complaint with the bank, and they will undoubtedly assist me, but I’ve never visited Doordash.

  5. Given that there are thousands of complaints from businesses about unauthorized charges and their desire for Doordash to protect customer data, the credit card company was instructed to file a complaint with the company. It’s true that there was a data breach in 2019 and I was a victim of it, but at the time, my card had already been blocked, so when I learned about the Doordash data breaches, I immediately changed my card. They are not safe, despite having good food. I think they have another data breach this time.

    Bank declined to offer assistance; what should I do?

  7. Owen Mack

    I’ve never placed an order for food from Dordash, but my card has been charged, and when I checked the transaction on the statement, it says DD DOORDASH DES 8559731040 /CA US CARD PURCHASE. When I complained to my bank, they advised me to check with Doordash. Doordash then filed the complaint, and I am currently waiting to receive my money back.

  8. David Lady

    I believe my card has been stolen by con artists who are trying to order food with it. I also see this transaction on my card.

  9. Loren Jackson

    I have never used Doordash, but today I noticed $9.33 in my card statement. I have also contacted my bank to have my debit card blocked, so I believe my card number has been stolen because someone has been using my card fraudulently.

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