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Usps Text Scam – Expert Analysis

ScamDialer received reports of fake delivery text messages coming from unidentified phone numbers (The most commonly used phone number is 301-307-4601).

Clicking the link in the text can result in a significant loss. Therefore, the link in the SMS message appears to be the official UPS website, but it is a replica with the same style. This text also includes a tracking number, which is generally obtained as us9514961195221.

How do scammers trick people using text messages?
us9514961195221 USPS scam

Your credit card, phone number, social security number, name, and address are all pieces of personal information that scammers need in order to commit fraud.

So they try to trick you in order to get the information from you by calling your personal phone number, sending unwanted text messages, and even email you with eye-catching promotions.

We are unable to deliver your parcel to the provided address because it is possibly incorrect. Therefore, in order to receive the parcel, you must update your address. The tracking number for your parcel is us9514961195221.

A short text message is targeted and distributed to hundreds of thousands of victims, and they sometimes succeed in their schemes and commit fraud. The goal is to obtain your personal information, and to achieve that end, they will send you a link or a callback number.

Always double-check the website address, and if you type the tracking code US9514961195221 into the official USPS website, you’ll discover that the tracking number is invalid.

It is scam tracking id us9514961195221

How to Avoid Being Conned by Scammers

If you have received any unsolicited text from an unknown phone number, or any message prompting you to click a link, it could be a scam.

Clicking the link may cause damage to your device and compromise of device data and personal information.

how to identify text scam
Have you also received suspicious USPS text?

If you received a suspicious text from a fraudster, report it to the community.
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  1. The text message “Your parcel is put on hold, update your shipping address by clicking the link “us-pos-com”” was sent from phone number 206-404-7777. The same text message was sent to my family members as well, proving that con artists have our phone numbers and can use them whenever they want.

  2. Dear Customer

    UPS Customer Service – your package cannot be delivered for unknown reasons, please contact us at 904-377-6045.

    I just called and there was a guy who told me there was an incorrect address so that the item could be delivered. It seemed legitimate to me at first, and when I provided the correct address, he told me there was a $2 charge for the address change, so I provided the credit card, and then I realized it was a scammer and hung up the phone.

  3. D. Wilson

    I did not only receive text messages from these scammers, but I also received email from them. The email address from which I received the scam email is uspsdelivery @, and it was not in my spam folder, but it was in my inbox.

    I opened it, and as I was already waiting for my parcel, I assumed it was from USPS and clicked the link. It opened in a new tab with a warning about potentially hazardous files.

    What makes me nervous is that I accessed the link that was delivered to my phone through a text message, but there was no warning, and I submitted some information but did not enter my credit card information.

  4. Oscar Sims

    What would happen if I clicked the link?

    • There is a risk if you open the link because scammers will attempt anything, including infecting your device with malware and obtaining your personal information, including name, address, and credit card number, in order to commit fraud.

  5. I just received an SMS with the tracking code US9514961195221, so I followed the link and it appeared to be a legitimate website, but it was overloaded because the page never completed to load, so I assumed that many people had been conned by these scam artists. When I submitted the address, it returned me to a payment page that asked for a cost for changing the address, and when I added a random digit in the credit card field and a random CVV number and submitted the form, it was accepted without any checks and redirected me to the thanks page. Scammers are intelligent fools who acquire card numbers and CVV data in order to use credit cards to deduct money from accounts.

  6. Lionel W. Epps

    I have a parcel coming from the UK via USPS, and I was excited to receive it today. When I received the text, I thought it might be a legitimate text from USPS, so I clicked the link, and something prompted and something was downloading in the background, so I closed the browser as I was suspicious of malware, and when I scanned my device with an antimalware app, there was malware and it was removed by the application, so be cautious when clicking.

  7. I clicked the link, but I’m not sure if it was virus-infected or not. Nothing downloaded, and all I saw was a bank page. I tried to refresh it, but I think they’ve been caught and the host has banned the website.

  8. Adalberto

    I received it, and my entire family did.

  9. Zubair Hert

    They not only have the personal information form fields on the bogus website page, but they also ask for credit card info for a process fee. When I tried to provide no existing card information, I received a successful payment message, indicating that they are not using any payment authorization service, but rather collecting card information from the page in order to use the same information elsewhere and steal money from the card.

  10. With the fake tracking number us9514961195221, there is an ongoing USPS scam text claiming that there are issues with your shipping address and that your item will not be delivered. Beware! It is a trick.

  11. Your order is about to be cancelled because it has 1 unsuccessful attempt, so update your address here {link removed} if you want the delivery as soon as possible.

    I did not receive any tracking code or information, and when I visited the page, I became suspicious. but it was an excellent trap

  12. UPS: your parcel is on hold due to an incorrect address; please update your address as soon as possible to ensure delivery your tracking code us9514961195221

  13. Your package is on its way, but the delivery address needs to be updated; please add your new address to arrange delivery at

  14. Hello, Daniel. Your friend sent a gift, but we can’t find it because your friend may have provided an incorrect address. Please update the address so that you can receive it. Click on the link to update your address

    I’m not sure how they know my name, and none of my friends have ever sent me a gift without informing me.

  15. USPS Redelivery text SCAM, which is popular in 2022, sends a link to a malicious website that is designed to look like the USPS website.

  16. Scam, they send everyone the same tracing code, us9514961195221, and if you click on the tracking link, it is us post similarly designed website, where I entered the fake information.

  17. If you search for the tracking code us9514961195221 in the US Post, nothing will show up. However, there are fake websites that are only used for fraudulent purposes.

  18. I received a text message today from an unknown number, but it appeared to be a legitimate USPS text. I simply copied the text (us9514961195221) and pasted it into the USPS tracking page, and there is no package with this tracking code.

  19. Scammers impersonating Amazon call your phone number and attempt to obtain personal information. In my case, I received the same message but did not click the link and instead went to USPS and discovered there is no tracking code information.

  20. Hi, Kinty, we’re sorry but we’re unable to deliver your package to the provided address. Please update your information [link removed for security reasons] your tracking code is us9514961195221. If you have any questions, please call 8003747672.

  21. This is a complete scam, and in my case, I haven’t received any orders from anyone. I clicked on the link in the message because it looked appealing, but I have no idea if my phone has been hacked or not because I’ve only installed anti-malware software.

  22. You should be aware of these scams because they are not new and clicking the link could result in financial loss. It recently happened to me when my child was playing with my phone and asked me if he had received a notification from a courier company. When I looked at the notification, I was shocked to see that a website similar to FedEx’s was already online. Additionally, the sender of the texts attempts to include the common tracking code us9514961195221, which makes it obvious that the texts are fraudulent and should be ignored.

  23. It is a scam, and I have been receiving such texts since 2021, so it is a well-known scam. What I don’t understand is why they use the same tracking id for all scams: us9514961195221

  24. Hi, jon I am a delivery boy waiting for your parcel, but I can find you; your tracking number is us9514961195221, and I think you should update your address using this link.

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