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Got a weird call from 4077322416, posing as Chase Card Services.

I have a Chase bank account and have been a customer for the past two years. However, during that time, I never received a call from the bank. However, today, I received a strange call from a number claiming to be from Chase Card Services at +1 407-732-2416, asking me to call them back at 1-866-892-7180. They claim that the call is important but do not specify any issues or offers.

So when I searched for the phone number online, I found a lot of conflicting comments from a lot of users, and I suspect that some of those users are scammers who report the phone number as safe.

So, can you tell whether this phone number is legitimate or a scam, and if it is a scam, then how to get rid of it?

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  1. Jon Nunez

    I have also received a call from this number demanding that I settle any unpaid debts related to the non-maintenance of my Chase account. I told him to do anything they could because I have money in my Chase bank account. They warned me that if I didn’t pay the penalty that was listed on my account for non-maintenance, they would cancel the account. When I hung up the phone and phoned Chase Ban customer service, they warned me that it might be a scam where someone was trying to steal my account information and commit fraud. They advised me to be cautious because there are many online scams active now.

  2. Chase is a popular target for scammers and hackers, and I’m sure the Chase database has been compromised; scammers have chase customers’ phone numbers.

  3. Fowler gt

    I believe Chase only calls customers when there is a debt or loan account. They may harass you, but they will never request sensitive information from you.

  4. Sewt hilso

    I don’t have any accounts with Chase, but I did receive a call from this number from a woman asking for the number to my Chase bank account. When I told her that I didn’t, she quickly hung up without letting me know that she had called the wrong target.

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    When you fall victim to phishing, a type of criminal activity, you might be tricked into giving out sensitive information.

    Scammers’ main targets are financial institutions, and one of the biggest targets is New York-based JPMorgan Chase Bank.

    You might get a call from a scammer or a text message from an unknown number pretending to be a Chase representative, warning you that there is a problem with your card or bank account and requesting a solution unless you call the number listed in the message or visit the website listed there that looks similar to chase.com where they will take your personal information like your bank account number, social security number, and password.

    So, if someone calls you from any phone number, even if it appears to be a legitimate call from Chase, never call back or provide any sensitive information and instead call the case’s official customer support number, 1–800–935–9935

    As we confirmed with Chase support, the number 4077322416 is not owned or operated by the financial institution. They also provided an important link to a page where they have alerted users to this scam. https://www.chase.com/digital/resources/privacy-security/questions/fraud

    • I already have spam protection apps installed, and they frequently mistakenly identify scam calls as legitimate because scammers use spoofing.

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