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Columbia, WA, United States

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According to user reports, caller 202-831-1877 is making political campaign robo calls, the majority of which are silent. It is safe to answer the call, but do not disclose any personal information over the phone.

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  1. Henry tale

    I recently purchased a new sim and received my first call from this number. After the call began to ring five times, I made the decision to answer it. When I answered the call, a man with a formal speaking style congratulated me on my new SIM and encouraged me to purchase health insurance from their company, but they omitted the name, so I hung up. I googled the number and discovered that it is a political spam call, but I recently received a call about insurance, indicating that this number is associated with scammers.

  2. Bryant Jeff

    I believe Don Beyer is conducting political campaigning via phone calls, and they obtain our phone numbers from a government database. Therefore, this is another privacy concern.

  3. Rasmussen

    Silent call from 202-831-1877

  4. Political appeal, Hello, my name is Congressman Don Byer, and I hope you will vote for me. For more information, please visit our website at friendsofdonbeyer.com

  5. This number (202-831-1877) calls me every Sunday, and when I answer, there is no voice, and the connection is disconnected after a few seconds.

    I assumed the call might have been from my telecom provider regarding my account, but when I contacted them, they informed me that they do not make calls of this nature.

    Additionally, I informed my telecom provider about this number, and they assured me that it would only be blocked after a review. However, nothing has changed, and I believe they are breaking their word.

    I believe I am the only person receiving calls from this number.

  6. You are not alone; I also receive these calls, therefore there is nothing we can do about it.

    You should add this number to your black list because, according to what I’ve heard, it makes harassing calls and asks for money.

    It is best to ignore such calls and, if you do answer them, keep your personal information to yourself.

  7. Is it possible to totally block the 202-831-1877 phone number?

    I am having the same issue, but I am receiving political voicemails, which makes me uneasy.

    I have already blocked this phone number but i can see it is in my missed calls list.

    I have send message to this number titled please do not disturb and i hope i will not receive next call from this number.

  8. I have sometimes received calls from this number, but not frequently, and sometimes they are robocalls that end after a short period of time. I received a call today from +1 202-831-1877, and when I answered, I heard some wired music and was put on hold.

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