Is IRS Call-Back Phone Number (304-707-9490) Safe?

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If you have requested a call back from the IRS regarding any tax inquiry, then you may receive a call from the 3047079490 phone number. It is safe to answer this call, but you must refrain from providing any sensitive information.

Some people have received bogus calls from this phone number claiming to be IRS employees and offering false rewards and offers, so be cautious and remain safe.

If you did not request a call back from the IRS and received a call from an unknown number impersonating as IRS employee, report the caller to prevent others avoid falling victim to the scam.

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  1. The IRS is calling back, and they need personal information to confirm whether they have the right person.

  2. Robin Son

    I made many attempts to get in touch with the IRS regarding my tax refund before I was successful. However, I was given the chance to ask for a callback as I waited to talk with someone.

    I received a call from +1 304-707-9490 and, for a few moments, was conversing with a man. However, the conversation was disconnected after I gave my personal information.

    After a short while, the IRS called me again, but the number was different. When I mentioned my prior contact to them, he informed me that there were no records of our talk with the IRS representative.

    I think that (304-707-9490) is a scam and that it’s possible that someone may use my personal information to commit fraud.

  3. What is 304 707 9490?

    If you requested a call back from the IRS regarding a tax inquiry, you may receive call back from 304 707 9490 -IRS and will be connected with an IRS representative who will assist you.

    How to report scam call to IRS

    If you suspect you receive a scam call from an IRS agent claiming you owe money , contact 1-800-366-4484 immediately and report the fraud call.

  4. IRs will call you back only if you request it, and if you have not requested a call back, do not pick up the phone. If someone asks for financial information, it might be a scam since companies and organization’s do not need to ask for this sensitive information, therefore if someone is attempting to steal something from you, they will appear as a legitimate company.

  5. It appeared to be a fraud at first because every caller id protection app flagged (304-707-9490) as a spam. When I heard a woman’s voice, I knew it was time to hold if she asked for personal information. She asked for my tax file number, which I gave him, and then she asked for my social security number, so I stopped and began verifying online. I discovered something puzzling while some people claim it is a scam, while others claim it is a safe call from the IRS.

  6. No, it’s not a scam; instead, it’s the official IRS callback number. Nevertheless, you should exercise caution since scammers may use spoof calls to get personal data.

    Scammers prey on the customers of financial institutions, which makes it simple for them to commit fraud against anyone who needs financial assistance. The IRS has already warned customers about con artists and repeated that they never contact and request personal or financial information.

  7. I’ve also requested for a callback from the IRS regarding my tax inquiry, so when I received a call from this number, +1-304-707-9490 it seemed like a scam and my call blocker flagged it as spa

    I took up the phone and began speaking with a man. After I explained my situation, he advised me to provide all the specifics before he could offer assistance. I then gave some non-sensitive information, and the call was then disconnected.

    Therefore, I also think it may be a scammer gathering personal information.

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