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Is a scam? Saw a Charge from on my bank statement

I just logged into my bank and noticed that $42 had been deducted from my account, and when I checked my statement, there was a transaction from, and I am confused because I have not purchased anything from any online stores, and when I checked the website online, it was directed to

Is there any way to recover my money, and a friend advised me to block the credit card because it could be used by scammers?

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  1. Scam text do not click the chrome display warning

  2. appears on my statement, and there are five transactions in this name that are all not authorized by me. I have not yet contacted the bank about these transactions.

  3. I haven’t used my card in two months and haven’t used my phone to pay for anything or pay anyone, but a gosq-com transaction appears on my bank statement, so I’m going to the bank today to file a dispute.

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    The same thing happened to me, and I reported it to my bank. However, reporting a dispute should only be done as a last resort if you are absolutely certain that the transaction was unauthorized.

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    If you see on your bank statement, it means your card was used to make a purchase at one of the Square sellers’ merchandise stores.

    Square is based in San Francisco, California, and offers services and products to sellers as well as credit card processing to merchants.

    If you don’t recognize the purchase, use their transaction search to look up the Square purchase. Go to, and it will redirect you to the look-up search tool, where you can provide the details and find all the information about the transaction.

    If you are still unable to locate any information about the transaction, please contact Square customer service at 855-700-6000. If Square customer service phone number is unavailable, you can contact Square by email.

    As you have said, you have never used your credit card anywhere, but before going to file a complaint, Square recommends remembering where you were on the date of the transaction and what you may have bought. You may want to review the following questions to refresh your memory:

    1. Did you take a cab, go shopping, or eat at a food truck?

    2. Did the merchant use a small white square plastic card reader attached to their mobile device to swipe your card?

    3. Did you make a purchase over the phone, by mail, or online around the time of the charge?

    4. Check to see if a friend or relative has used your card at any square merchant store.

    If you still believe this is a fraudulent charge, you must file a dispute with your credit card company. Payment dispute services are provided by the majority of major credit card companies for unauthorized charges or charges that were not delivered as expected.

    Note: Many people have stated that they require a refund from Square, but Square has stated that they are unable to provide refunds on behalf of Square merchants. So you must first identify the merchant and then file a refund request with them. If they are unable to refund, you must file a dispute with your card’s issuing bank.

    • I found this in my bank statement, so I tried everything but this worked for me; I called my bank and filed a dispute, and I got my money back.

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