Scam Alert: Your Parcel US9514901185421 Has Arrived

Scammers are sending emails and texts claiming to be from USPS and claiming that your parcel has arrived and that a fee must be paid in order for it to be delivered from the main office to your address. They also offer tracking numbers such as US9514901185421 and a link to a bogus USPS website where victims are prompted to input credit card information in order to commit fraud.

Your package has arrived at our main office and is prepared for delivery.

Dear …..

Your package has arrived at our main office, but it can’t be released since our office can’t deliver to your address; you must pay a fee to have it delivered from our office.

Fee: $2.99

Tracking code: US9514901185421

Link (link removed)

Here’s an example of a bogus USPS webpage. Because victims rarely glance at the web URL, con artists are taught to replicate the style of the official USPS website to make their fraud appear authentic.

Fake USPS website for tracking id US9514901185421

Always use high-security browsers that aid in the detection of infected files and the automatic download of malware, such as chrome ad safiri browsers. The website shown below was emailed to one of the victims who attempted to access the link.

malware infected link send by scammers

Our team has also noticed a similar text fraud in which scammers used the tracking code US9514961195221.

To prevent others from being victims of this scam, you must report any similar emails or messages you have received to the community. When one of our visitors submits a report, thousands of people receive an alert and become aware of the scam.

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  1. Liomn Piter

    I received the same message from an unidentified number, and I’m sorry to say that I clicked the link, so I’m not sure what to do.

    • In order to hijack your devices and steal stored data in your browser, including any saved credit card information and passwords you might have used to place an order on a website, scammers frequently use links that contain malware. Therefore, it depends on the link you clicked.

      I do not recommend sharing the link here, but you can send the link via a contact form to the dialer team, and they will exactly tell you what might have happened to your device. In other cases, scammers simply try to trick you into providing some personal information by filling out a simple online form.

      Remember, when you submit any online form, the data you enter gets stored in the database and can be viewed by people who own the form.

  2. Rahool Rathood

    I am from India and i too received it and the phone number belongs to USA

  3. I received an email from a fraudster who used the noreply @ email address and asked for $1.99 via a link, but when I checked the jotform, it was a forum builder and anyone may send emails from the form to any email address using their email address.

  4. I’ve had a lot of emails and texts from USPS regarding my delivery status, and they always notify me, but when you receive a scam text, it signifies scammers have reached the potential victim, and I fell for it since it appeared legitimate to me.

    I lost $450 in a single day and filed a complaint with my credit card company, and they assisted me in recovering the money. My advise to victims is to notify your credit card company as soon as possible, and they have the responsibility to recover from the fraud.

    The longer you wait to make a complaint, the fewer chances there will be in the recovery

  5. I have created an infographic about this scam.

    Usps delivery scam text

  6. It is too late after reading this because I gave up all of my information and my debit card with a zero balance, and they did not charge my card. After a few hours, I received a text from Bank saying, “due to low balance in my account, they are unable to transfer $302.” I was disappointed, and I am certain I was scammed. So my personal information has already been hacked; what should I do now? I’ve already blocked the card and submitted a written application to the bank about this.

  7. Thank you very much. While Chrome on Android and Safari on my iPhone include security precautions, they do not always detect viruses and should not be relied on. Also, never click on a link in a text or email without first researching the sender. I also received a text message { Your parcel US9514901185421 has been halted owing to an incorrect address. Please update your shipping information. } with a link to helpwithmyshipping dot com, but it was formatted with Bitly (a URL shortening service), and when I clicked the link, it opened in Chrome with a warning about malware, so kudos goes to Google for ensuring user safety.

  8. My bank put my credit on LOCK after I fell victim to the fraud, and I also put a freeze on my AMEX. My four-digit front phone number, my name, address, and AMEX account number were all entered. My smartphone, which hides the sender and simply displays the text message, and the fact that I am a teacher who was warning my pupils about scammers, made me feel bad because I am a sensitive person.

    Can I be concerned about identity theft and fraud, and what should I do to protect myself?

    How can I protect myself from identity theft, bad credit, and other problems?

    • It is good to know that you have immediately locked the card, so do not attempt to unlock it.

      They do not instantly charge the card because scammers are unable to use any payment gateway directly on a bogus website, but instead capture the card details and utilize the data elsewhere to withdraw money from the credit card.

      In another case, when you enter the details in the input fields and push submit, they are saved in a database and available to scammers, such as your credit card number, name, and CVV number, which are the essential items they require to commit fraud.

      So, since you have already blocked the card, scammers will be unable to exploit your information to commit fraud; all you need to do now is obtain a new card from the card issuer.

  9. Le Parsons

    Unable to deliver your shipment, USPS

    Respected client

    In order to have the package delivered, please update your shipping address as we are unable to do so.


    Tracking Code: us9514901185421

    I clicked the link after receiving it via text message on my mobile and entered my address, but I didn’t pay anything.

  10. When I received the email, I did not look at the sender’s email address and clicked the link, thinking it might be necessary to pay the fee, and when I entered the address and hit the submit button, it directed me to a payment page where I thought of entering the card info and just scrolled to the input field as I looked at the URL bar and was shocked to see it was a different address. I found this page while searching for the tracking code US9514901185421 while just sending my credit card to fraudsters.

  11. They not only request payment through a bogus USPS website, but the link is also loaded with malware. If the potential victim does not provide the financial information, they attempt to steal it from devices by infecting them with malware, so I urge everyone to install a malware scanner and check the results, as it may be infected with a virus that searches for passwords and saved cards in your devices or browsers.

    I visited the link and discovered a payment page with credit card information and a CVV number, but when I tried to close the tab, it prevented me from doing so, and when I hit the back button, it redirected me to the home page, so I restarted the device and finally opened the browser without an internet connection and closed the tab.

    After that, I became suspicious because my browser was hanging, so I downloaded malware software from the app store and scanned the device, and the app discovered two infected files, so be cautious and never follow any link provided by text or email.

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