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+1 865-669-622-5537 ( Knoxville, TN, United States)
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Knoxville, TN, United States

Who is Calling From 8656696225537 – Expert Analysis

Do not answer the phone since a large number of scam reports have been received for (8656696225537).
8656696225537 linked to Amazon Prime Scam
If you have received a call from the number 8656696225537 telling you to renew your Amazon Prime membership or risk a fine and the transfer of your case to the debt collection department. You may also be advised to press 1 to speak to the Amazon customer service team. Use caution and refrain from disclosing personal information, as it is a tried-and-true method of tricking individuals.

People have also reported receiving unwanted calls from 8656696225537, with the majority of the calls being related to the legal document verification scam and the parcel delivery scam.

Over the phone, one of our members was told that he needed legal document verification and was asked to provide personal and credit card information over the phone.

Another member was called and informed of the parcel’s delivery and payment for delivery.

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  1. I was contacted about renewing my auto insurance and buying some cheap insurance. when i refused they started calling from a tool free number and this time i told them to not to disturb but they are still calling from different phone numbers.

  2. Talada Kit

    I received a call today, but I hung up when there was no response from the caller.

  3. They call my mom’s number and told Cashapp account was blocked, so neither I nor my mom have a Cashapp account, so I blocked this number, but now another number is calling my mom, and she is very sick with this, and i do not know why they targeted my mom and what they need.

  4. Scam call from India using VOIP

  5. scam, I am from India, and when I received a call from this number, in my call logs it shows the number +865-669-622-5537, and I do not know which country code is +865. I thought of having fun with the call but the lady with African accent told me to provide skype id for video call, I told her I do not have skype account and I do not want to video call anyone

  6. Sebastian Hanry

    I received a call from 8656696225537. and the guy said there was an outstanding balance in Amazon Prime and they were unable to charge the card on file, so they needed the credit card information, so I hung up.

  7. Logan Own

    The gentleman informed me that the call was for legal document verification and that they required it immediately.

  8. “Your package has been temporarily suspended; press 1 to speak with our representative.” This is a scam.

  9. They just called me but I didn’t answer

  10. Today around 9:00 PM, a caller with the phone number +18656696225537 called me. The caller, who appeared to be strange, informed me that my friend in the detention center had given the phone number and that he needed assistance and money.

    They requested my credit card information and persuaded me to send money via a link they would text me, a website that is the official payment website for family members.

    He hung up the phone after I told him the name of the friend who is being held in custody and instructed him to submit a picture of the relevant paperwork.

  11. James Evans

    They told me that my phone number is listed in a drug crime and that they require money to close the case. This is a hoax; the people who are responsible are undetectable criminals.

  12. Robert C. Oh

    It is law enforcement; do not pick it up, and if you do, your phone will be placed on a radar.

  13. Scam call claiming to be from Harris for a debt I do not have

  14. I received a robo call claiming to be from the police and asking me to press one to speak with a police officer about legal document verification. I’m relieved after reading that many people have received the same fraudulent phone call.

  15. Eugene Deason

    This number 8656696225537 called me and said I had received a special offer and that if I took advantage of it within the next hour, I would receive a 99% discount. They also instructed me to press one to accept the offer and two to notify them if they had contacted the incorrect person, so I pressed one.

  16. 8656696225537: Caller left a voicemail that my bank account would be charged for the Amazon purchases for$7.35. Asked me to press one to dispute.

  17. I received a call today regarding my Amazon Prime subscription, and they want to extend it for free—but only if I add a new credit card. My new credit card arrived, and I’m curious how they know.

  18. This phone number (8656696225537) is a scam and should be treated with care.

  19. Patterson

    Claimed to be Amazon regarding your purchase but is a scam call center probably in India from what is heard in the background & the obvious accents of the callers. Block immediately.

  20. Scam call posing as Amazon sales staff and wanting to send me a gift as i have not logged in for a while to my Amazon account. I read it, It is right that it is an Amazon brushing scam.

  21. Rutherford

    A scammer posing as the debt collection department asked for my social security number and said I needed to pay a hospital unpaid bill. I can not locate the country code as the call is from a VoIP provider it looks like this when i dial it from my phone. +865-669-622-5537

  22. This is a harassment call from a scammer.
    I received a robo call at 3 pm saying they have a search warrant against me and you need to call 7184803685 and you will be connected to an officer. I called my friend about this and he told me it was a scam call, so do not provide any personal information.

  23. 865-669-622-5537 looks good but it is scam
    This is a scam call, and people should be cautious since it pretends as an Amazon delivery guy and requests delivery of a product that was provided as a gift by a friend, and it expects payment for the product upon delivery. I became suspicious and hung up the phone.

  24. Unknown caller with caller ID 8656696225537 makes a fraudulent request to deliver a gift sent by an unnamed friend. I requested tracking information from the fraudster, and he hung up the phone.

    Friedens, if someone tries to trick you, check everything first before proceeding with the call. Be careful and report any calls from unfamiliar phone numbers that solicit you for any kind of service. 

    Be cautious of these calls since there is no plan to get rich over night. They only have one goal in mind: to steal your financial information.

  25. The phone number appears to be 865-669-622-5537, and it is ringing constantly, requesting that you sign the legal paperwork. I invited him to my house, and he informed me that paperwork fees must be paid in advance. When I informed him how I was going to pay the charge, he urged me to give him my credit card information.

  26. I received a call from this number (865-669-622-5537), which appears to be an international number; the person on the other end was a non-native English speaker who inquired about my property and rent documents. Although I hung up, he called back and was using crude language.

    I mentioned this to a buddy, and he informed me that it was a fraud designed to extort money from you.

  27. 865-669-622-5537 Unwanted call I couldn’t believe someone can phone like this, demanding for money and threatening to come to my house if I don’t pay.

    It is a fraudster who can do nothing but harass you, therefore do not pick up the phone and he will stop calling.

  28. This answer was edited.

    The phone number is totally scam and this fake insurance firm claims to be the cheapest for auto insurance.

  29. Bergstrom

    Harassment call

  30. This is not a safe phone number.

  31. The area code looks wired, so do not answer, just hang out. I have also reported this phone number (865-669-622-5537) to police.

  32. Scammer asking for money and delivery address to deliver the product. Do not get trapped as it may be someone who wants to get your personal details.

  33. This is a totally fraudulent phone number. Scammers will try to harass you by asking you to send legal paperwork for your property or flat. Everyone does not have the same level of courage, and they are fearful of legal action, so they fall into traps and lose money.

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