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Scam or Legit Call From 8888194618 PWN Health

I received a call from 8888194618 phone number asking for my test results, but what I suspect is that they asked for personal information, so I’m not sure if it’s legit or a scam.

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  1. It is scam they sell health insurance

  2. Although it is not listed on the official website, PWN Health phone number 888819461 is legit.

  3. PWN Health 8888194618 is the number, and I always call (888) 362-4321 for my test results. They also send it to your email address, and they only call to confirm whether or not you received the text results via email.

  4. I received a call from 8888194618 at 9 a.m. and was asked to provide information before they could send text results, but I suspect I already provided the information when they collected the sample.

    Always be cautious, guys. In 2021, there was a large scam involving covid, and many people became victims. If you’re wondering how scammers get our phone numbers, know that they hire hackers and exploit data breaches.

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    We contacted PWNhealth and inquired about the phone number, and they informed us that they use (888) 362-4321 for customer support services, and that they call customers from this phone number ( 8888194618 ) regarding test results, and that they may use other phone numbers as well.

    Caution: PWNhealth also stated that they do not request personal information, so always call +18883624321 and report any suspected call that requests personal information.

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