Scam! Using 29194772 as a fake FedEx tracking number

I recently received an email from an unknown sender that appeared to be an official FedEx email for confirming my order and address. It has the tracking number 29194772 and a link to fed-ex.com, and the website layout is uncannily similar to FedEx’s. There are also form fields for name, address, and tracking number.

So, guys, it’s a scam, so don’t fall victim by clicking the tracking button, because the scammer’s main goal is to collect your personal information and use it to commit fraud.

Edit: My friend received a text message from an unknown number, and the scammer is attempting to obtain personal information from him. “Hi Jocab, we are unable to deliver the parcel to the given address, so please change it by clicking the link.”

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  1. got a text from +44 country code phone number with 29194772 OTP for Whatsup, is it coincidence or a trick

  2. Also received the phony fed ex email. I copied the number into the real fed ex search box and it of course is not a real tracking number 29194772.

  3. received a text “Due to three unsuccessful delivery attempts, your gift order has been canceled. If you still want it delivered, please update your address. Your tracking code is USPS-29194772; please update your address by clicking the link.”

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      My address is {hidden content}

      • Jerry Long — Wake UP, buddy! Get your ADDRESS OUTA HERE!!! Hopefully, you can edit your own comment to do so?

        Are you just NOT GETTING IT here? If you are so naive as to share your information out here to anyone and everyone, you’re advertising yourself as an EASY MARK, just WAITING to be reamed!

  4. Received a text message asking for an address update because delivery was unsuccessful; click the link. There is malware on the link in the text, and the tracking code is 29194772.

  5. Briamin Woo

    I just got a text message with the number 29194772 on it, which they claim is my login information for some unknown website. This text is a scam because they want to put malware on my iPhone.

  6. I received a call from this number but it is a silent call and I can not even locate the area code.


  8. Not only they send tracking numbers they also call from 29194772 nine digit phone number.

  9. putey duke

    Scammers send unsolicited emails from similar typo domains such as info @ fed-ex.co.in and they appear legitimate such as info @ fedex.com, and most victims do not pay attention to the sender address. Another thing that customers do not realise is that they are asked for personal information, which they submit via a separate website link.

    Gmail always helps identify email scams, but scammers trick by changing the email id’s domain address, so it is not filtered and goes directly to customers.

  10. I received a call from 29194772, who claimed to be from FedEx and instructed me to click on a link to track my parcel. I believe this is a scam.

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