Jerty Monty
Jerty Monty

Silent Call From 2029686161

I was called 5 times yesterday by the phone number 2029686161, and today he called again, but there is no one on the other end of the line. I can’t find any information about the phone number on the internet, and one comment I read said, “silent calls are¬†dangerous.”

So, can you tell me who called me from this number?

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  1. TheNiceGuy

    5 missed calls now blocked

  2. Telemarketers are among the most silent callers, so install a robo call blocker app on your phone and do not provide any personal information as scammers are on the lookout for it. They may call you with an enticing offer, but you should decline and hang up.

  3. 2029686161 phone number is scam and it is not safe to take the call.

  4. Jabirknow

    I have received a call from a scammer phone number is (202-968-6161) posing as a representative of an unknown company.

  5. Hakim Sawe

    Yes, you are correct that silent call is a signs of danger. I cannot say why they are annoying, but there are some factors that contribute to this. If a scammer is planning to swindle you, he will attempt to call you using a spoofed number to see if everything is in order. Another possibility is that the scammer is calling using a voip method and has a broken or poor connection.

  6. It is a telemarketer, and whenever I receive a telemarketing call, it is silent for a few seconds before a robot appears to promote something or alert you.

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