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+18335361100 ( California, United States)
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affected Area: California
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Who is Calling From 8335361100 – Expert Analysis

Phone number 8335361100 is a Spectrum toll free number, and they may call regarding your previous conversation with customer service, asking questions such as whether Spectrum customer service solved your problem or not, and how you would rate the customer support team. Spectrum does not request any personally identifiable information.
Survey Scams: We have received reports of suspected scam calls from spoofed phone numbers impersonating Spectrum and requesting personal information such as social security numbers and credit card information. As a result, exercise caution and never share any sensitive information.
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  1. I received a call from this number 8335361100 asking for feedback on Spectrum customer service. Spectrum customer service is excellent, and they reply quickly whenever there is a problem with the services. It is true that the spectrum is a target for scammers, and we should always use caution and never submit any personal information. I always provide my nick name and old address, and if someone asks for payment, I always hang up.

  2. Christopher

    Caller ID +1 833-536-1100 scam from Spectrum They are the worst telecom company I have ever dealt with, and they call me every day demanding payment for bills I do not owe.

  3. Wilmer Price

    They asked for my help in order to improve the services, asking me to answer a few questions that would help them to improve the customer service. When I told them that the customer support team does not respond well, they hung up the phone and never called back.

  4. Jason Rodriguez

    I refused to take the survey, but they called from a different number, so I think it’s a scam.

  5. Pryor Yet

    This is a scam call from a scammer, and they spoof the caller ID and ask you to press 1 to connect with a representative, who then asks you some questions about services and finally requests passwords.

  6. Corey Selig

    Survey on my previous support call, which did not assist me in resolving, and when I informed them that the support did not assist me in recovering Spectrum refund, they hung up the phone before completing the survey

  7. Herman Bruce

    Customer Service, Spectrum Mobile: Survey about a previous conversation about a problem with my bill.

    It was not a scam and they did not ask for any personal information, but I received a call from another phone number last year that asked for a survey about my Amazon delivery and asked for a 99% discount on my next order.

    They told me to open a link that would activate the coupon code, so the link was infected with malware, thanks to the Chrome browser, which warned me about the malware ahead and prevented me from being harmed. Because the link was shortened, I was unable to view the actual website address, so be wary of any unknown caller.

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