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Tupelo, MS, United States

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The phone number 662-255-3743 belongs to Watch Jessica and its approximate location is Tupelo, Mississippi, United States. This phone number is on the radar because there have been scam and prank call reports from the community. If you receive a call from this phone number, please be cautious and do not reveal any personal information.

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  1. It is a scam, and spam callers make it difficult to believe unknown callers. I always keep my mobile phone silent because of these callers.

  2. Satterfield

    They made my day by calling me 3 times, and it was a silent call from this number. I am from Germany.

  3. It is a prank call from this number unknown person who makes fun of us but calls while sleeping.

  4. I had 53 missed calls on my mobile. I tried to ignore them for a day, but after picking up the phone, it was a silent call and wasted my precious time.

  5. This number is not a safe phone number, called me and told me they would come to my house and rob me.

  6. It is a Voip call and it is an easy and untraceable trick to not get caught, so be aware of these spam calls and never provide any info over the phone.

  7. Received a call from this number and is making some dirty jokes; when I told him it was fine to ask me anything and that we were now friends, he began calling me on a regular basis. My phone calls frequently throughout the day, and this guy never stops.

    I’ve also warned him not to call, but he keeps phoning. I blocked the number, but after investigating online, I discovered that is a person with weird behavior.

  8. This phone number keeps calling me, and the first time I answered it, it was a guy who tried to harass me and demanded money. I told him I’d report it to the police, but he said the cops couldn’t find him. So what to do now

  9. I also received a call from 6622553743, and when I answered, a woman said she was from Amazon, and that I had an order that was sent as a gift by an unknown friend. When I asked her to deliver it to a friend because I didn’t need it, she said they couldn’t.

    She called 63 times after I discovered it was suspicious and provided the incorrect address. I’m sick of it; I’ve also contacted Amazon about it, and they told me it’s a scam, so don’t pick up the phone.

    This phone number 1 662-255- 3743 is scam so be alert, unfortunately there is no way to trace it because it is VOIP call.

  10. Jandos Bebote

    What is the 6622553743 number?

    The phone number (662) 255-3743 is in northern Mississippi. Scammers are using VOIP to call you from this area code, and if you receive a call from this number, do not answer because it has been reported as a dangerous phone number.

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