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if you discovered this transaction on your bank statement, then it means you or someone else must have authorized payment through Venmo. The Venmo payment app allows you to send and receive payments from your friends and family. If you believe you have not authorized the transaction, Venmo may be able to help you find additional information about the transaction. You should file a complaint with your bank or credit card issuer, and they may help you recover your money.


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  1. I am using Venmo since 2012 and never got scammed but today i lost 208, filed complaint with the team and i hope they will help me get the money back.

  2. I just found this $400 transaction on my bank statement with these transaction details, and it happened six days ago. I have contacted the bank, and they have requested that I submit a written letter to the manager and file a complaint with the office. I googled this phone number and found a lot of spam complaints, and the caller ID shows Venmo. I have never heard of this company and have never had any dealings with them. So I am willing to file a complaint with the bank, but I want to confirm whether this charge is legit or a scam. My credit card is used by me and my family members so i am just asking every family member about this charge, but no one has used the card.

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