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18008413000: Phone number belongs to GEICO insurance claims

WARNING: Calls from the 18008413000 phone number have been reported by some users as being suspicious. Scammers use spoof calls to request personal and financial information by posing as GEICO insurance claims. Be cautious and never give out your personal information to anyone because GEICO never calls customers or requests personal information.

GEICO Jobs Scam call: If you have received a call from an unknown number claiming to be from the GEICO unemployment program and asking for a job with GEICO, you must hang up immediately.

GEICO Insurance Claims Scam call : You need to be aware that this scam is very serious. Scammers call you pretending to be from GEICO and request personal information, saying it is required for verification purposes. They also request information about the bank account into which money should be transferred.

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  1. It’s GEICO

  2. Cecil Sumner

    This is a Robocall about a job offer. As such, do not reply or give any information.

  3. Anthony Johnson

    I don’t have insurance with Geico, and I received a recorded message asking me to verify certain information in case you had filed an insurance claim.

  4. Most reports claim it’s a scam, but in my case it was Geco, and I’ve already requested a callback. However, you should always exercise caution because many scammers use spoof numbers to call from the same phone number.

  5. If you receive a call from 18008413000, listen to what they have to say and if it is a robocall, do not do anything because some scammers try to play a nice trick here and say you have a problem with your claim and you need to speak with a representative. To do this, press 1. So, if you press one, your phone number is exposed to scammers, who will pick your phone number and enter it into a radar to commit fraud. They will now send texts with clickable links, and if you click on the link, your device will be infected with malware, and your device will be ready to give the scammers your personal information.

    As previously stated, it is sometimes appropriate to listen to them but not provide any details because scammers are real in this world and can hurt and bite.

  6. It’s GEICO

  7. 18008413000 It’s GEICO calling about an insurance claim; if you haven’t claimed insurance, don’t respond.

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