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Who is +1 4806242599 – Expert Analysis

Godaddy owns the phone number +1 480-624-2599, which has been used in domain privacy protection since 2010.

Godaddy uses the phone number in Whois records as a customer phone number to protect customer privacy.

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  1. I have 2 domains with them and for the first year they protected my privacy by displaying this phone number and after that they started showing my personal phone number. Now i am receiving lot of spam calls from web development and SEO companies. I contacted Godady and they told me to purchase privacy protection plan but i think they should respect our privacy and do not sell the service which is important for their customers.

  2. I received a scam text similar to USPS sCAM TEXT with a link to a fake website; it is not fair, Godaddy.

    Since the link has a virus, I don’t want to share it. I want to find out who owns the website, but all I can find is this phone number, 4806242599, in the who is search. I contacted Godaddy, but they told me it was against the law for them to reveal website information and advised me to file a police complaint and send a copy of the complaint instead.

  3. Aima Kate

    Every domain name does not get this protection, but only those who are paying for the privacy protection service. I lost access to a domain name and who is does not give me the email ID I used, so I just contacted Godaddy and they only provided the clue.

  4. Sergey pop

    I have an unauthorized transaction with the number 4806242599.

  5. I love Godaddy, and I just checked the whois information for my domain name, and there was this phone number instead of my personal one, which is a good thing, and I am glad they care about protecting customers from spammers.

  6. I recently registered a domain, and within a few days, a slew of spammer web development companies from India were calling me, and I was sick of saying no, so I checked the whois and was relieved to see that it was not my phone number, but how these fake and nonsense web development companies got my phone number, so there are still data breaches in Godaddy, and they claim to have world-class data protection.

  7. Checking whois records is now meaningless because every domain registered with Godaddy has this phone number. I was planning to purchase a domain name that had expired, but I need a phone number to contact the owner, so there is no way.

  8. Godaddy covers up the scammers. Phone number 4806242599 appears to be a personal phone number.

  9. This answer was edited.

    Every customer who wishes to register a domain name must provide personal information such as their name, phone number, and address, which is then made public in Whois records. Previously, anyone from anywhere could check the personal details of the domain name owner, but Godaddy is the first company to understand the importance of customer privacy and to implement a data protection policy. This phone number (+1 480-624-2599) is part of the data protection policy.
    If you come across a suspicious website and want to report it for spam, malware, or phishing, you must report it to Godaddy, and it will be reviewed by the Godaddy team. registrar abuse @ google.com

  10. I was looking through the domain name whois records and came across this phone number. the website was a scam, so I assumed the phone number was from a scammer. Godaddy covers up the scammer.

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