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Ainsley Shay

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Milwaukee, WI, United States


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I received a call this morning from 414-436-9974 from someone with a deep voice asking me to give proof for my property over WhatsApp and threatening legal action. He also threatened to come to my house unless I paid him.

Should I call the police?

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  1. Some woman calls and pretends to be from the police, and when I tell him the ballet number and tell him that I am also from the police, she hangs up. I tried to redial the number, but it is no longer reachable.

  2. This is a harassing call, so please report it immediately. Scammers use this strategy to make you feel terrified and send them money, but don’t be afraid and call him back with a stern message.

  3. This phone number (414-436-9974) is unknown and you can not track this number because it is a VoIP call.

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