Who is Calling From 4699829999? Scam or Legit

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Grand Prairie, Dallas, US

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Who is Calling From 4699829999?

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Who is 4699829999 – Expert Analysis

Boost Mobile owns the phone number 4699829999, which is located in Grand Prairie, Dallas, Texas, US. Phone number 4699829999 appears as an outgoing call on boost account caller logs, according to user reports. This means that any application could have used the phone number to make hidden calls. If you witness any unusual activity, please notify our community.

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  1. It is Boost Mobile, and the reason I am telling you this is because there is a lot of confusion about this phone number, I suspected myself and searched Google, but after contacting the company, they told me the call was part of a verification of my account which I initiated via the app.

  2. Gogle Mat

    I have no idea what happened, but when I looked at my call history, I noticed that this phone number had made outgoing calls over the previous two months, even though it was unreachable when I tried to call it. I think my phone is hacked and i have installed a antivirus app but no virus or malicious app is detected so what is going on.

  3. Got a call from this number but i kept saying hello, no one there to call and when i checked the call history and there are lot of outgoing call records.

  4. This number called me and pretended to be an insurance company, telling me that my insurance was about to expire and that I needed to renew it. It also offered me a sizable discount.

  5. I have never called this number but it appears in my caller log. I think Boot Mobile is using this phone number to track and verify my device without my permission.

  6. Yes, the phone number belongs to Boot Mobile, and I have reported the issue, but they said it is part of the account verification and device verification.

  7. The fact that this phone number shows up in my outgoing call logs and automatically appears when I delete the call history leads me to believe that I have been hacked. I recently downloaded the Boosts app, and I believe that is what is to blame. When I turn off the location feature on my device, my location is also automatically turned on without my consent. So what is happening?

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