Who is Calling From 8005318722 Phone Number?


The caller (+1 800-531-8722) claims to be from USAA. USAA will never ask for an OTP, online banking password, or credit card Pin.


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  1. Danmo Lery

    Go call from this number 5 times a day and blocked the number and i called USSA and told them about this they they are unable to help with this and they even told me this might be a spoof call and they do call customers land if they call they will always provide verification clues to customers.

  2. Robert jem

    It was a spoof call, and the voicemail asked USAA for debt forgiveness. Press 1 to speak with a representative.

  3. Sakhaei Farhas

    This USAA Bank phone number is legitimate, and this time they are providing debt relief. Press 1 to speak with a bank representative. As soon as I quickly pressed 1, a man with an Indian accent told me to enter my bank account number. I did so, but when he then asked for my credit card number, the scam was over and I caught the con artist.

  4. 5 silent calls from this number, I don’t have account with USAA

  5. Josef Hiy

    Honestly, I don’t have an account with USAA, but when I searched for this phone number in Google, the first result I saw was the USAA website with this number. However, I received a call from a man with an Indian accent who said that my account was at risk and that I needed to verify the information before continuing. I hung up the call and reported the incident to USSA via their website so they could look into who was calling on their behalf.

  6. This number sent me a text message about my insurance renewal, and it also included a callback number that I don’t think is legitimate. I don’t have an insurance or bank account with USAA.

  7. Scammers are attempting to mark this number as legitimate on other lookup websites, but I am 100% certain it is a scam. I received text messages from this number claiming fraud charges, and I thought it might be true. When I checked with USAA, there were no transactions, but after a few hours, I received a call from a different spoofed number that claimed to be from USSA.

    They informed me that I had received text messages regarding alleged fraud, and when I replied that I had, they demanded my USSA pin and account number. I declined and said I would instead file a complaint with the USSA, to which they fearlessly advised me to take whatever action I could.

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