Bilton Josef

Who is Calling From 855-741-3552

The person who called me from the number 855-741-3552 used profane language and threatened me.

As I was leaving my office, I received a call from this number. I kept saying hello and hello, but no one answered. I decided to return the call because it might have been my employer or my boss. When I dialed the number again, a man answered. When I told him that he had just called me, he refused and said that it was the official Vingur Company phone number and that I could contact them at any time if I needed help.

Then, as I was making my way to my room while keeping my phone in my pocket, I received a call from the same number. This time, a man with a professional speaking voice identified himself as the police and informed me that a law suit was prepared against me; therefore, if I wanted to end this, I would need to pay money.

I told him that I didn’t give a damn and that this would just be another lawsuit in my name; he then got into a verbal altercation with me and threatened to have me killed. I do, however, take it lightly because they are con artists and helpless to stop it.

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  1. Harassment call from 855-741-3552 phone number

  2. Josef Rondson

    The same call came to me as well from the 855-741-3552 phone number, and it is a fraudulent and harassing call. He begged for money and then threatened people after being rejected.

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