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1-888-486-4722: Nelnet, Inc Student Collection Department/span>

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The 888-486-4722 phone number belongs to Nelnet, Inc. and is used to get in touch with Nelnet’s customer service team. This phone number is also provided on nelnet.com, their official website.
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Nelnet, Inc. reserves the right to contact customers for account-related notifications and any new service updates. The call from 8884864722 from Nelnet is recorded below.
If you have received a call from unknown phone number, exercise caution because there have been reports of scammers preying on Nelnet customers by using spoof calls to advertise false loan forgiveness schemes.
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  1. Jason Roper

    legit phone number of Nelnet and they remind me of debt

  2. It is a scam caller requesting your password.

  3. I am constantly receiving calls from Nelnet, and they also use other numbers, and I have discovered some suspicious calls. Please keep in mind that if you receive a call from a debt collector and are asked to call back to an unknown phone number, it could be a scam.

  4. This time, it’s a spoof call with a recorded voice asking for a call back right away due to a security issue with the account.

  5. Scam call from 8884864722, posing as a Nelnet debt collector. It wasn’t a robocall; instead, a real man speaking in native English offered to settle a debt I didn’t owe. I wonder how they obtained my phone number.

  6. The 8884864722 phone number is legitimate because Nelnet’s phone number is also listed on their website.

  7. I don’t like Nelnet, but I get robocalls from this number even though I’m not a customer.

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