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Who is 6622553743 – Expert Analysis

You are not alone if you have received a call from 6622553743. We have received numerous complaints about the phone number, so we are providing all the data we have so far gathered here.

Be cautious if you ever receive calls from an unknown number because scammers use VOIP and spoof calls to target people all over the world and commit fraud. Never give out personal information, such as your address, social security number, or bank account number.

First, we looked up the area code (662), which is associated with northern Mississippi and includes Southaven, Tupelo, and Greenville. Southaven is the largest city covered by this area code.

Reverse lookup for 6622553743: When we ran a reverse lookup on the phone number, we discovered that there was no information and no caller id associated with the number. However, we did discover that the person calling from the number is making calls using VOIP.

Harassment: The majority of the complaints we’ve received about the number 6622553743 are about harassing and threatening calls.

Targeting Individuals Worldwide: As stated earlier, this person uses VOIP to call and is targeting people all over the world.

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  1. This is a group of con artists who even know your name and possess extensive information about you, indicating that your personal information may have been compromised. Therefore, exercise caution and ignore calls from this number since it cannot be traced.

  2. Even though they have a 622 area code, this does not necessarily indicate that they reside in Mississippi; anyone can use any voip caller app to place calls from within the United States. I’m from Australia, and when this number called me, it was a girl, so I assumed it might have been my wife playing a practical joke on me.

  3. She threatened to share the record of kissing my girlfriend and gave me my name, address, and girlfriend’s name. She also demanded that I give her my credit card information or send money through a cash app.

  4. When I replied that I was sleeping, the caller hung up and told me to be ready for a ride and have a good night.

  5. I received a prank call from a girl who was laughing and crying simultaneously, and I worried that she might be suffering from a mental illness.

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